U.S. Army Medical Research & Materiel Command

U.S. Army Center for Environmental Health Research

Fort Detrick, MD


The U.S. Army Center for Environmental Health Research at Fort Detrick, Maryland, USA, is located in a renovated building that includes state-of-the-art aquaculture facilities and laboratories specifically designed for aquatic toxicology and molecular biology. Our staff is an interdisciplinary team of scientists and technicians who are dedicated to improving risk assessment methods and to developing biomonitoring technologies for military environmental health hazards. We consult and collaborate with other U.S. Military and government organizations, as well as partner with industry and academia, to enhance our research base and share resources.

USACEHR vision is to effectively develops medical products to ensure force health protection.

Their mission is to provide diagnostic and prognostic tools for environmental and occupational health surveillance.

http://usacehr.amedd.army.mil/External link

Last Modified Date: 18-Nov-2016